Thursday, April 3, 2008

My daddy is bigger that your daddy

Titles are always the hardest, no?
I was cleaning for pesach, (ya know, rereading old magazines) and thinking wouldn't it be love-aly if I could stay home for a seder or 2?
I make my own horseradish anyway so whats the big deal?
I can read the instructions in haggada just as well as the next guy, and i know a couple of required items that create interesting odors in the kitchen, and thats it.

When I a kid we would brag about what time our seder shlepped to.
"We finished at 3 am"
"3? big deal we finished at 3:07!"
"I had a d'var torah on every piece in the haggadah, 3 on arba bonim"
"I even have 1 on korech"
"my little brothers went rount by 'shefoach chamoscha' he musta seen Eliyahu."
"we acted out the makkos"
"so! we acted out chad gadya"
etc etc

Nowadays i prefer the " I was in bed by midnight"
The kiddies are growing and wanna shine on their own, so that no gonna happen.
Already one has half inch thick kuntras of stuff on the haggada.
Hey, i agree with them, just as long as i get to bed by 1:00am.
I think the per square inch there are more 'toras' on the haggada than any other sefer out there.

Maybe i should discuss it with spousy first, hummmm?