Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hashem Loves me PART II

I know its been a loooong while, still here still kickin' just not bloggin'. Sorry for all those disappointed, if.
A while back I posted a similar story, as life goes I had another experience which shows me again that I'm still on the good list.
So, I often pass this store thats got these huge glass windows, and at night, like nowadays, you can see into the store pretty well without the insiders knowing about your little beady eyes, peering into their private lives.
Ok I'm nearing the store and naturally the flieshiger eigen look towards the candy display, only to hit the jackpot.
In a open area, easy to see and facing the other way is a young woman wearing tight stetchie pants.
Guilt, involuntary eye movement, guilt, head tilts away.
Self disgust and I look...again.

But there goes a security doorman in tandem with my walking, so that pants is obscured.
I shake my head, I failed, But Hashem loves me.