Monday, September 3, 2007


A while back I mentioned that spousy spoke a shidduch, well, in order not to blow my cover, I will say that this month I will attending a marriage that my fantastic wife arranged.
Yes yes kiddies, and its not the first one either.
Anyway so after that initial phone call, it seemed that word got around that Mrs Spousy Yingerman was a world famous shadchan, and i didn't believe the amount of calls she got saying I have a great boy/girl 'on the market'.
Feh "market" sounds like a nice cut of steak.
So Spoucy ends up listening to people talk about themselves and I end up printing her some blank 'shidduch forms' so that she can organize her lists.
**time interval**
Lots of phone calls....
(starbursts) SHIDDUCH!!!!!(starbursts)

Now we start getting swamped with frantic calls,
I have a great boy....she's an she has diabetes.....he's been working part time and......but with medication it perfectly under control.....
Hashem yiracham everybody's got tzuris of one type or another.

All my life I tried to avoid being a yenta (yentum? what's a male yenta?) and now I'm inundated with lotsa personal info that I don't wanna know.

In the course of my work I meet people, all sorts and classes. Here and there I come across kids of the 'market' age, and I ply them for info.

Recently I spoke to a girl who informs she's in her late 20's, I was surprised, she coulda passed for 18-19, I ask what she's looking for and i get a cryptic response 'someone who wants to be close to Hashem'
Me:what does that mean?
Close to Hashem wannabe girl: you know a boy who feels in his heart that he needs to draw closer to Hashem.
Me:Everyone wants to be closer, what does your vision of closer entail, like what?
ctHwg:He feels in his heart that he wants to be closer.
Me:please explain, you mean someone who says t'hillim all day or someone who will stand on a tall building and yell 'I love you, Hashem'?
ctHwg:(looking a bit lost) No he just needs to feel inside that he needs to be closer to Hashem.

OK (exasperation)
No wonder she's not married, she has no clue, she's repeating a mantra she heard from a teacher, and has no idea what it means.

A brother in law of mine says teach 'em to make a good kugal and then the hubby will be happy, and if he's happy she'll be happy, know you all know the secret of great marriage.

I know this blog is disjointed, I just had to get it outta my head.

P.S. if you wanna submit any shidduch info on a 'marketable' kid from a black hat home (we're not ready to branch out yet) sent it to and I'll forward it to Mrs Spousy 'world-shdchantah' Yingerman's attention.