Sunday, March 18, 2007

Chol hamoed trips?


Yes, as much I love yomim tovim, days off, sleep late, eat drink and be married (yes pun intended) there is always a drawback.
Sure there's the price of ________(fill in with matzos, shoes, clothing, unique edibles), but over all it's great.

The but seems to hang there, sorta over my head.
What is the the but?
Chol Hamoed outings.
Every year we have the same issues.
I feel it's inappropriate.
The older kids have seen monkeys and get real bored real quick.
5 minutes and the big ones are itching to to something else.
Great adventure?
Sure $45 bucks a head it's gonna blow a weeks salary......after taxes, maaser and the grocery bill.

So there you have it.
Ok I'm desperate here.
Kids range from the teens to chasidmaydele whom ya'all were graciously mazeltoving me not long ago.


shy said...

I know the feeling those outings are not as bad as its all the planing and not knowing where to go my boys love plays and concerts
It is funny how after a day of rides they are not as happy as after a play or concert! I love it as well cause those plays take afew hours they have a good time and I have time for myself

Pragmatician said...

Hire sweet Jewish girls(Or responsible Bachrim if the boys are too old) who could use some pocket money and promise a handsome tip if the kids are back after 6pm!

socialworker/frustrated mom said...

I like prag's idea that is great. It is tough when you have lots of kids of diff. ages, I don't know how the families do it. I think you should let your teen kids do something without you, they are old enough to do something on their own, then you only have the youngsters to deal with. I am planning on going to the circus/choir at Madison Square Gardens, but then again I only have one child to pay for.

Anonymous said...

yeah, and after taking them to the most interesting expensive places, all you get on the way back home is yelling and crying "es iz gornisht vert gevehn..."

neh, that was when I was a kid, along time ago, b"h i do get most of the time, the
who do we appreciate?

Anonymous said...

Just to continue along the lines of what nuch a chosid said, I don't think there is a relationship between the price and the amount of fun. Sometimes the best times are spent going out someplace simple with friends or the cousins where the kids have other kids their age they can talk with. One of the best times we had was going kite flying which kids from various ages (I also have teens down to a baby) enjoyed.

sarachka said...

Ha Ha! LoL! I really know what you mean. The attitude is what makes the party. In sem they always said "I know its not fun but do it anyway, and you know what? if you make it fun it will be fun" they actually spoke the truth. Good Luck in your Yom Tov planning!
(thanx for that disclaimer in the previous post- I didn't read far enough to see what the post was about- much appreciated!)

Anonymous said...

How about a waterfall or Amishtown?

yingerman said...

yep happiness is sorta a feeling

my older boys dont even look at girls! yet ;)
they want paintball I want cheap

on their own?
ooooowch I'm old!

HELP please tell me where didja take em that earned you the 2-4-6-8?

Got a kite to lend me?
And stop looking at my a$%

sure, i'll paste smiles on everybody.
You are right happiness is a state of mind.

been there done that.

Knife said...

Did I miss something? What do you want to be invited to yingerman?

socialworker/frustrated mom said...

Oh no on the contrary they are old and you are young lol.

mosernefesh said...

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almost_frei said...

ever go hiking? fun, healthy and inexpensive. All over upstate NY and NJ there are loads of hiking trails. Look em up on the web

FunkyJew82 said...

this kinda reminds me of your "money, money, money" post a few months back.

Anonymous said...

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