Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Yes I am.

I didnt write for while 'cause I didn't time. Then I think to me-self, hummmm after a hiatus I should come with something really knockadig. So I procrastinate waiting for the big zaftig'a blog.

Which somehow doesn't materialize...(sigh)

Anyway I got this email which I though all should hear about, ya gotta love cut n' paste.

I am offering you a note of warning and if you care to share this information with your friends, it could be helpful to them as well.
When you drive on the Pallisades Interstate Parkway between New York and Monsey, do not go above 65 and ALWAYS stay in the right lane.
Recently my dear husband got a ticket for speeding and I'd like to enlighten you as to what happens:
1. The cops on this stretch have NO compassion whatsoever -- they are stopping you for a reason and that is to give you a ticket and make sure their Alpine area pulls in as much money as possible from these fines.
2. When you go on the designated day for your ticket to be heard, you will be amongst 200! other people who got stopped for some traffic infraction.
3. You will wait. They hear people's not guilty issues until 10! at night.
4. You have no choice but to wait.
5. If you hire a lawyer, you will go first but you will not get off -- all the ppl who had hired lawyers were the proud recipients of a judgment of $380 (100 fine 30 court fees and 250 for the infraction) to be paid immediately, in addition, of course, to paying your lawyer's fee! (ouch).
6. You will wait -- the judge takes a break during the guilty and not guiltys.
7. You will wait again because the judge takes a dinner break!
8. The cops sit by and watch the unsuspecting people squirming in their seats.
9. There were only two cases that were dismissed. If you'd like to know which ones, ask i'll tell.
10. With pleading guilty and a good excuse (and a good clean driving record) you will "get off" with a quick fine of $95 to $105 (so sweet!).
11. If you have a Jersey license, you will get points and a lowered fine or a higher fine ($380) and no points.
12. If you have a New York License, you get no points (I repeat NO points are transferred from New Jersey to New York).
13. If you do not show up for this ticket on the designated date, you will get arrested the next time you are stopped because an arrest warrant is in place for you with bail already set at this courtroom.
14. End of the day I am here to tell you DONT SPEED ON THE PIP -- they have no compassion. Within one hour they took in $380 every five minutes -- I heard it and saw it with my own eyes.
15. By the way, my husband got off with a guilty and a low fine because he had a good excuse.
16. Save the time for yourself rather than sit in this stone house at the end of the road! You'll do yourself a favor.
Don't say I didn't warn you.
Please pass this on to your friends -- especially your Monsey friends

Still here?
I should add I got me a ticket, for not wearing in seat belt, on 13th ave!
It so happens I was no the way to the mechanic to fix my mirror (glass got stolen) and a new blinker bulb. Sheesh!

The end.

OK I'll post the zaftiga blog soon.....


Anonymous said...

nice to kow you are alive. but what happened to your brains?

socialworker/frustrated mom said...

Thanks for finally posting awaiting the next post. Drop by my blog..

Anonymous said...


Jacob Da Jew said...

ah FRASK for disappearing for so long!

chaverah said...

ticket huh? i HATE tickets!

FunkyJew82 said...

i'll never go on the PIP again.

Mrs. Jude said...

I tagged you on my blog...

Dofan Akuma said...

with your permission i would like to tag you. 'rules' are at my blog.

yingerman said...

Thank you lakewoodshmuck for that insight into your personality

(Sigh) never a free moment.


Im not sure if a thanx for commenting or a 'well duh' is the appropriate response there.

Just drive carefully!

MRS Jude
Y A S H A R koach!

welcome and thanx!

chaverah said...

waiting for that zaftiga post???

Anonymous said...

where's the puska, to chip in?

frumsatire said...

The only time I ever got out of a ticket where I was blatantly wrong was on the Pallisades right after it goes from NJ to NY there is this huge hill, I was going 75 down it like always because the Pallisades behind the FDR is one of the most fun roads to drive. The cop was in the U-turn and pulled me over.

He took my license and comes back to ask me where I got the tropper sticker on the back of my car- I worked for the NYS Legistaure at the time and told him that. He said slow down son and that was it.

Cops are doing their jobs- thank God that we dont have "photo radar" like they do in Alberta- or else everyone would be going real slow and anyone who went 5 miles an hour over the speed limit would get a ticket in the mail.

Jessica said...

Uh... that's an interesting e-mail... I especially liked the part about getting arrested if you don't show up to court. Now, granted, I'm not a native NY-er or NJ-er, but the last time I checked, when you get a ticket you can go to court and try to get out of it or completely skip the court date altogether and just pay the ticket. How can they arrest you for not trying to get out of the ticket?

Anonymous said...

The authoritative point of view, funny...

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