Monday, July 23, 2007


So I don't blog much anymore.
Part of me misses it very much, and part of me thinks 'loser, it a time wasting activity'.
Should I blog and share my soul, will people eventually figure out who Yingerman is? Do I care?
Should I just use my blog as an outlet to be real or funny...or build an alter ego that I might use as a crutch.
Tell me please what do I get out of my blog.
Some recognition?
Some occasional laughs, which G-d knows we can all use.
A secret group of friends that frequently changes on the whims of someone's blogroll?
I do enjoy the shackle free conversations that can and do happen here. The nearly racy content is always of interest.
For a while I thought that every woman with a shpitzle was, in fact her, I would stare outta the corner of my eye, that's her heh I should just go ask.
This goes for mooky, I imagined that slightly modern looking, stubborn but with the, been there eyes, that her.
David on the lake, tall dark hair pressed a bit to the side, he'd smoke a pipe if it was still in.
Lakewoodshmuck? well lets not go there.
Chaverah. Hummm short sheital nice shoes, almost short skirt, eye catchy handbag though.
I'm not gonna list everyone just saying that life here, started to hem into real life.
'Hey not fair', you all shout at me 'we are real'.
Of course, but there's real like stuff I can touch and then there's real like George Washington, I mean everybody knows about him but nobodies actually seen him, even though he slept around the north eastern US and he's on the buck.

SWFM is that lady that has a sticker on her purse, that poochy stuck on. And I know the Judes live outta town so you never see them. Hot Chanie has a rather large family, so I never know which is the real her from Frumbabe, Dov bear is that smirking guy , probably thinks he's insufferable know it all, Funkyjew82 is the man with the leather school bag, Dofan akuma is the man with the hunchback (get it?) Sara with no H , is that blond kid with the big open purse ready to grab her camera, Nuch i believe is a Bobover chusid with the appro levush to go with it, lvsn27, is a very shy wispy dark girl . Chaim Chusid's shirt indicates his struggle for control at the weekly kiddush.
Ouch stop throwing tomatoes at me, I'm entitled to my imagination.
Anyway I keep on thinking I spent too much time blogging, which in-turn crept into the rest of my life.

I will post Bli neder/IY"H more, just not sure yet what type of material


socialworker/frustrated mom said...

Hmmm interesting description of me.

ClooJew said...

No problem, post away. However, I wouldn't describe us as "stupid"; "shortsighted" yes but we are intelligent beings who are pulled toward evil by forces difficult to control. Hashem certainly understands this, but we must never give up. Thanks for your thoughts.

Jacob Da Jew said...


What, I get no mention??

I did give you a free advertisment on my "Chassidisheh blogger" Purim uniform..which you DID NOT acknowledge!

Jacob Da Jew said...

Nuch is definitely from Monroe. Even I know that.

Miriam said...

Nu? How do you imagine me? LOL

hey JDJ, clooJew posted without a lulei Dimistafina!

Anonymous said...

a reflection of yourself leaves you scared?

Jacob Da Jew said...

Hmm...I guess you are one of those guys who don't respond to comments on your blog.

Good to know.

chanie said...

i hope im not the chanie that ur referring to...

Anonymous said...

hmmm... i cant believe i missed his one, and i was honored to b mentioned

Bas~Melech said...

Hm... wonder what my blog-persona looks like? All the ones that you described are pretty much like I imagined, too (except I always kind of think of Sara as dark, not blond)

As for the rest of the post... I think that way so much! Why do I blog? How much of my life has it taken over/to what extent is it part of me now? And what's my part in it?

Sheesh, we may write deeply on our blogs, but just try getting deep about blogging... I can't stand it!

chaverah said...

lol, i just read this! cute! short shaitel? try again!

aoc gold said...

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