Monday, January 8, 2007

Is this good for us?

The big news in the hiemisher velt

Rah rah break out the bubbly.

I'm not convinced that this is a good thing.
OK OK I hear all you angry sputterers "whaddaya mean, this is great, score 1 point for Shabbos!"
Yeah, trueish, but I'm thinking long run.
Is this really good do the charedim need to make Israeli companies subservient, will there be backlash against the orthodox, did the rabbanim do this under public pressure or out of their siyata d'shmaya from their hearts?

I think the employees of ELAL are happy, they get a definite day off. The financial people might be 'cause now they are pleasing %30 of their customer base (are the other %70 pleased too?)
Will this be a Kiddush Hashem? or just the opposite challila?
Will Elal now also havta provide a mikva and a mechitza of the planes after all you gotta make your customers happy.
I hope Elal has a stronger quarter coming next so the chilunim don't use this as a foil in their constant feeble attempts to justify their not being religious.


Pragmatician said...

You make a good point, if they cancel the movies I'm a definite EX customer.

Anonymous said...

the chilonim don't need anything to spur them on the NK do that for all of us!

socialworker/frustrated mom said...

It has been chillul hashem already, happy about the result was it worth it who knows.

smoo said...

Forcing others to follow their own rules is a power trip. If you have the 'TRUTH', it is your obligation to TEACH it rather than enforce it. Otherwise how is this different from Islam which preaches convert or die by the sword?

On a seperate note I think you should check out my post on ogling. I leave the comment here because I don't know if you check comments on older posts.

kasamba said...

Hashem just better make this work!!!

the_laamb said...

in end of the day elal represent the charedi community if they work on shabbas the chillul hashem is worse to us.

Chaim Chusid said...

nonsense, total nonsense

Anonymous said...

the laamb is what way to elal represent the charedi community?

Anonymous said...

The battle may have been won, but the war is far from over.

FunkyJew82 said...

the chilonim must be piiiished!

yingerman said...

SHhhhh me too!

I love to LOL but that hurt

I wonder who really runs the show, regarding Chilul Hashems
People have gotta think things through.

Will do!

I think we should leave Hashem outta the stupidities of humans.
Can't blame EVERYTHING on G-d, I said before, G-d give us the tools to do what's right, and if we mess us dont blame Him.

The shayfele
I wish

Me or shayfele?

Its all good
Yeah (sigh) sorta step away, but into the doggie pile

Rosamunde said...

People should read this.