Sunday, January 28, 2007

Mazal Tov

Spoucy actually wouldn't bring her home if she didn't get a pink outfit. Can you believe that?
Me: OK I'll bring the white sweater set that chasidyingele wore to his bris, and you can go shopping and buy the pink stuff later.
Spoucy: WHAT, WHITE? you're kidding me right?
Me: No, I mean you do wanna get chasidmaydele home, right? So use the white and I'll put the infant car seat and...
Me: Why not?
Spoucy: (rolling eyes)You don't understand, she's a girl.
Me: Yeah, and so?
Spoucy: Girls wear pink.
Me: But its just to get home.
Spoucy: Not my baby.
Me: Trust me, she wont remember.
Spousy: No.
Are male and female children that different? I think the only thing I found so far is the diaper changing, its a little more difficult cleaning a female after a big poopoo. Otherwise they both think the universe centers around them, especially at 3am. My wife says wiat till the kid is 3 then I'll see that girls have a way of wrapping daddy 'round their little finger.
Hummmm..... we'll see.
Anyway in case you wanted to know, the kid did get home, and yes in pink, long story.


A Heimishe said...

Mazel Tov to the new chasidmaydele in the family! You should see lots of nachas.

JewishBiFemme said...

HAHA! Adorable picture! Mazel tov!

Women & their mishigazen lol...

shy said...

Mazel TOV!! May you tons of nachas
Don't start up with a kimpeturen lol the "shvacha kup" lol
Wait and see how this girl will fall in love with daddy she will steal your heart one day!! Enjoy her

Y.Y. said...


socialworker/frustrated mom said...

Mazel tove so exciting!

Mrs. Jude said...

mazel tov!

Shpitzle Shtrimpkind said...

Mazel Tov!

Mazel Tov with a bow!

Mazel Tov with a bow and flower!

Mazel Tov with a bow and a flower and pink heart!

Mazel Tov with a bow, a flower, a pink heart and lots of naches!

May you be blessed with a load of chachmes nashim while you learn more about the world of women; young and old.


Lakewood Venter said...

Mazel tov! Love should be color blind, no? :-)

Sarachka said...

Adorable! Mazal Tov!!! May your little bundle of pink bring you much Nachas![and girls really do have a way of manipulating their dads- and everyone else for that matter, I speak from experience;-)]

Anonymous said...

Mazel tov on your newest little(?) bundle of joy. It is most definitely NOT easier to clean a girl's pamper. My daughters never sprayed me in the face, courtesy of their little you-know-whats.
As for the pink vs. blue, you may be sure that the older they get, the more apparent the differences will become. Personally, I find that it is much less taxing to parents boys. Anyone disagree?

Sarachka said...

Yup- I do, girls are more pleasant and less roudy. Any arguements defending your side? ;)

yingerman said...

Thanx everbodee many happy returns!
I noticed the 'froen' agree with the pink, and 'da mener' are the same boat as myself, regarding the pink.

I'll agree with the fact that boys are easier, for lotsa reasons, in long run anyway.
Maydelech are more demanding than boys in regards to clothing food and general habits.
Yes boys are more prone to hurt themselves and the furniture, but over the years boys spend less time at home and ask for much less than girls.
I also find its easier to reason with males old and young.
And the diaper change? true 1 of my boys insisted on spraying everyone who open his diaper ,parents, babysitter, the doctor, the mohel even the rebbe who was his sandek. (to their credit neither flinched)
I was refering to a (ahem)(whispered mumble - a poop) uh its harder [more akward?] to clean a girl.

regarding the overall raising? the girls are easier 'till age 7-8 then the boys begin to attend yeshiva for 7 hours and the girls begin to notice their friends headbands, shoes, hairstyle, coats, jewelery, outfits, brand of backpack, book covers, nosh, gadgets, ..........

anonym00kie said...

mazal tov!
what a cute baby..
but im not sure you should be sticking her in the mailbox..

Anonymous said...

mazel tov!!! mazel tov!!!

may u have lots of yiddish nachas,

oh my, the blue-pink meshugaas....
you are not the only one.. and its not only the wife, my little yingele wouldnt use anything pink, ES IZ MEIDLISH....

der ikar iz zolst zehn asach yiddish nachas gringerheit!!!

can we join u at the kiddush? will there be; shtiglitz, kishka, galarata?

Pragmatician said...

Women can be so unreasonable.
Since she just gave birth I think it's only fair for you to indulge her meshugass:)

Chaim Chusid said...


Mazel Tov!

You couldn't wait three more minutes at the kiddush? I was on my way!!


David_on_the_Lake said...

Mazel Tov!
By me the sonogram showed that its gonna be a boy and lo and behold it was a girl..we had to trade in all the blue for pink..

exsemgirl said...

Mazal tov!

Hey how could you even think of depriving a girl from dressing her new little girl in pink??
Tut tut tut.

A Heimishe said...

"People who say they sleep like a baby usually don't have one."

yingerman said...

thats how babies get here, didnt you know?

sorry kiddush was
shtiglitz IG good stuff!
dont gimme any of that red dead fish garbage
hey maybe we should start a jblog kiddush club
with a special secret name
bliddush club?
what,ahver just dont forget the little square keichal

you think she had a hard time?
what about me?
I had to semi attend.
You should know its harder to watch a loved one in pain then to be in pain yourself, knowing there is absolutely nothing you can do 'bout it.

dont sweat it I saved u a juicy piece of yerushalmi

well I knew months in advance, but didnt tell a soul, yes not even my mom/brother/chavrusa

feh you must be a female ;)

a hiemy
who ever thought that babies sleep well anyway?

Nemo said...

Mazel Tov-

I'll tell you one thing... all my kids are gonna wear blue! Solve any conflict!

Lvnsm27 said...

mazel tov

chaverah said...

lol you lost. LOVE IT! btw mazel tov.

the_laamb said...

looks cute and sweet

kasamba said...

Mazal Tov!!!
IYH may she give you lots of nachas- and peaceful nights!!!

abi melebt said...


It's hard to understand the women especially when they put down their foot on something...dont even try to do

Enjoy ur maydele...the girls are the cutest

gilgulhasheleg said...

mazal tov
nebech one more soul in this miserable world

yingerman said...

believe it when I see it

simchas all around, waiter!