Thursday, November 23, 2006

Getting hot under the collar

I noticed on several blogs that some get offended by the infighting, like, nah I’m not gonna name names. You all know what I’m talking about, and if not, well, you’re one lucky ostridge.
What I did wanna explain was why the uh...(mumble and blush) gay, (resume regular voice) issue was largely ignored by most ‘hiemish’ papers.
OK show of hands, who remembers the Mel Gibson commotion? Hey wait, not that one, not the drunk anti-semite stuff, I’m referring to the religious movie he produced a while ago.
It was a mediocre film about a guy who had a violent death. Typical Mel Gibson flick. Right?
Except that this films main character depicted a Jew. So what?
Well being of a religious nature the watchdogs went to sniff it out.
Then they started barking.
Did you ever pass a barking dog, and not follow the animals line of sight, just to satisfy the yenta in you, to see what the heck is going on?
No, me neither.
So the leader of the Confederation-Of-Hiemish-And-Not-So-Hiemish-Groups, goes to see the ‘religious’ movie. When asked what he thought of it, he can’t admit that he slept through most of it, so he puts on his most pretentious face and says “hey wait a cotton pickin' minute, this worldwide, big budget, sure to be famous, major motion picture, is RACIST!”
You bet after that solemn pronouncement, everybody just had to see, just exactly what was racist about it.
And the, niche market film, indeed went on, to become a, worldwide, big budget, sure to be famous, major motion picture.
I and lots of others, I’m sure, winced our way down the streets for a couple of months until the next scandal or shmootz, came along to help us out.
So about the gay parade?
Who says that, having my blissfully ignorant (on adult matters) kids and their buddies talk about it at school, will actually make it go away?
Heck yes, it bothers me that of all places in the whole wide world, they have to show perversion in Yerushalayim.
But do I want a ruckus? Absolutely not!
Figured that would have only drawn a bigger crown and given more attention to the parade.
Sadly I was right.


Shpitzle Shtrimpkind said...

Very big, very old paradox. Ey.
And y'know why it happens? Because we think that a ruckus is a valid way to solve problems. That's why. The worst the crime, the more drumbells we devote to it, and as you said, the results are just what you weren’t looking for.

We all know deep down that a "rash and timel" does not help. For the life of me I don't know why we don't have a better method yet to tackle our problems.

Let’s call it the ‘tsifardaya makaah’. The big frog arrives, so we make it go away by beating it. The more we beat it, the more frogs we get, but we still give hell into that big, reproductive frog.

Mike said...

Same way with kids too!

happywithhislot said...

please post an example of the amazing miracles you have seen with your own eyes.

did you get the miracle on tape or video?

did you take the amazing randi up on his offer for 1 million dollars to prove these amazing tales in a scientific setting?

after you witnessed these amazing miracles, do you have bechirah any more?

yingerman said...

OK will do!
Sure I can choose to believe in coincidences