Thursday, November 30, 2006

G-d loves me.
Just this morning, He showed me love.
Ahhh, If I tell you, the skeptics will say 'eeh just a coincidence' but the believers will smile.

The story?
OK OK, hold your horsies, I'm gettin to it.
I was on line, in a store when I saw 2 'Hot Chanies' walking by, well, I only saw their heads.
Being a male is what what made my head involuntarily swivel towards them.
I paused and expected them to walk right between 2 parked cars so that I could be zoicha to see what cuts of meat were attached to those heads. (Sorry, I need lots of work in that department.) So while my head is moving that way and my morality pushing back, but failing miserably, a mini van double parks just so that it blocks my view.
Awwwww, what disappointment, I'm gonna resign myself to not getting a good look, but hey look, just behind the mini van is another opening. If I'm shallow enough, I can just wait it out, after all, I'm still on line here.
The line moves up, the cashier take the customer ahead of me. I look out the window again. I dont wanna look a whole time, someone will see the chasidisher yingerman staring at froen, I timed it just right, the Hot Chanies are just about to be visible between the cars.
The minivan backs up.
Blocking my view.
I laugh out loud.
The other customers think I'm nuts. Everybody loves to be first in line, but to laugh loudly?
I don't care.


Anonymous said...

Maybe He doesn't think you can handle the nisoyen??? Or maybe He loves you for the fact that, unlike Adam, you are satisfied with only looking, so He prevented you from further temptation? Whatever His cheshboynes are, I'm happy you incorporate God in every aspect of your life, the good, the bad and the ugly (or in this case, pretty)

Y.Y. said...

too bad you wont get schar because you really wanted to look but hashem saved you from sin

Y.Y. said...

btw god is not an "it" as you reffered to him on sara's blog

Also A Chussid said...


Hot usually turns out to be anything but pretty…

Pragmatician said...

funny story if you ask me.
Perhpas H'Ashem was protecting those two girls??
Who knows?

Anonymous said...

AAC, really? From the sound of your post, you've gotten burned by the "heat"?

Anonymous said...

pity your wife. you chazir.

anonym00kie said...

why pity his wife? he has a healthy male appetite.. id pity her if he did more than look.. but wanting to look is normal..

btw.. that piece of meant comment - ouch.. hard to hear.. but so truthful. when you struggle like that to get a look at a woman - she really is nothing mroe than a piece of meat. nice to hear someone admit the truth.

1beautiful-stranger said...

hey, I have to correct you: youre NOT commiting a sin by looking at a pretty women.
pardon me, but I have a question I gotta add:

you realy think that guy driving the car was an angel sent down from god/heavan on a mission? to block your view?
it never crossed your mind that might of been some random guy trying to park?

yingerman said...

its all good
I think He just plain old likes me.


Also a chusid
the really hot ones are usually hot tempered bitches

the girls are blissfully unaware

I do and yes as I said, I need lotsa work in that department

I have never willingly touched a female that was not related to me.
And the meat comment is gross but honest.

I agree I think it's sinful to even look. Not a sin but but real close.
And if the driver was an angel oh yes, but like the girls he was blissfully unaware.
G-d's little science experiment is way more complicated than we can fathom.

anonym00kie said...

gross but honest.. thats what i like hear! who the heck has patience for polite but bs!

chaverah said...
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chaverah said...

I cant stop laughing at this one! you are to funny. It shows your true inner feelings and you let us in. Thanks for being honest and decribe what all men go through.

David_on_the_Lake said...

He seems to show his love in the quirkiest of ways..

Shpitzle Shtrimpkind said...

Isn't it great? Life's a win-win situation. If you see the gals, you win. If you don't see 'em, god's been good to you so you win again!
Truth, the whole 'hot chanies' biz is an eye opener.

Lakewood Venter said...

lol. Nice post. Nice blog!

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