Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Money money money If I had a little money.......

I watch guys drive down the avenue in their shiny Suv's, their wives in expensive suits on a regular Tuesday.
"What does that guy do for living anyway?"
Mentally I go over what my life cost me.....without any extras.
Rent $1500 monthly
Tuition $1700 for all the kids monthly
Gas bill 2-3 hundred a month.
Phone about $50
Cell another $50
Car insurance $150
Life insurance $100
Electric anywhere from 100 to 300 depending on the time of year.
Food about $1000 (hey' that's about 250 a week including Shabbos and etc like diapers)
So far I'm up to nearly $5000 a month and I didn't count clothing and other necessities like haircuts, school pics and other school supplies that pop up just when I'm really short. Shul membership, gasoline to justify my car insurance payments.
Then you got Special times of the year like buying hand made matzos or giving all the kids chanuka gelt.
Then you have to factor in the big one.
Yes I'm talking about the summer (ahhhhh( tortured scream)) you guys know what bungalows cost, right?
Add into this the traveling and higher cost of keeping up with the Cohens, after all 'vee pas't az they have a outdoor-super-duper-deluxe-all-in-one-instantly-hot-never-needs-maintanence-with-extra-shmuntzkes-grill! We gotta get the new better model, right? And the shabbos kiddush, I mean 6 kugals aren't enough and Yankle Shikurboim, bought a 4 liter bottle of Johnny Walker purple label at $500 a bottle. (I think this deserves it's own post - in a couple of months)
And sleep-away camp at 4 gees a kid!

Where does all that cash come from?
'Cause I could use some.


FunkyJew82 said...

you're gettin me stressed out!!! =)

Sara with NO H said...

I had this exact conversation with someone just last night. About how the bills pile up. If we don't lump it all together we don't feel it as much, but if we really say down and had someone play with our plans, I bet we'd hurt lol

Sara with NO H said...


Anonymous said...

So do tell me please, where does all the money come from for those who strut like a peacock!

Shpitzle Shtrimpkind said...

Krechts, krechts, kretchts.

Voos ken men toon?

Some people don't feel so choked because the govt helps them out with the rent and groceries.

anonym00kie said...

i know of single moms with up to a half a dozen kids living on less than 30k
who the heck knows how people do it..
obviously it doesnt work the way it appears..
its better not to count and calculate..
kind of like baba sali's bottle of arak, when covered up, it would keep filling up glasses and more glasses and more glasses..
better not to ask questions..

Anonymous said...

ask your wife shpitzele

1beautiful-stranger said...

hey, dont dispair just yet. I can set up a tie uvent for you? and come up with a few k by tomorrow.
what do ye think?

Anonymous said...

You mean your parents didn't hand you the seeds to plant your own money tree? That's part of every Chosson/Kallah package!!

ps I love your blog, and I'm adding your blog to my "Blogs I read" link.

yingerman said...

sorry but the truth hurts.

sara w/no h
You're absolutely right. I space the bills otherwise I'd get nowhere even faster.

Lady D
Wish I knew.....Or maybe somethings are better NOT knowing.;)

Mrs Shpitz
Vus ken men toon?
Well maybe 'Hot Suit Chanie' and hubby could live like the rest of us....At least in public.

True, I gotta work on the b'tachon bit.

B strange
I hope IY"H never to touch mula thats not mine.

yingerman said...

Its all good
I hit the BIG time people!!!!
(breath breath breath)
Thanx really!

Anonymous said...

$100 a month on life insurance?I would shop around again to see if I can get a cheaper policy(unless you have whole life)Are you sure you NEED a cell phone?