Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Another un-shamefully stolen news article
from JTA

· The Conservative movement’s highest legal body moved to allow commitment ceremonies for gays and the ordination of gay rabbis. The Committee on Jewish Law and Standards endorsed three opinions Wednesday on homosexuality. Two opinions upheld earlier prohibitions on homosexual activity, but the third endorsed commitment ceremonies and the ordination of gay rabbis, while retaining the biblical ban on male sodomy. Two other opinions that were under consideration, which would have removed all restrictions on gay activity, were declared takanot, or substantial breaks from tradition that would require an absolute majority of the committee members for adoption. They were defeated. For more JTA coverage of this issue, click here.

Why do they still call themselves Jewish?
Shouldn't there be a name for movements , I mean not all christians are called catholics some are called protestants, adventists, mormons etc etc
Can't we call em something like De-frummies or Misnomers?


Anonymous said...

can you define jewish please?

sittin' pretty said...

According to Chassidus, a Jew is someone who is striving to become closer to Hashem- GAY DOES NOT FIT INTO THIS CATAGORY! If you think biologically jewish, that is only physical and if you think this whole world is physical- well, I dont know what to say about that. Sedom and Emorah were destroyed for these kinds of relationships. Its 100% perverted.

anonym00kie said...

are you guys for real, a jew is a jew -
born of a jewish mother = jewish

what else should they call themselves? you may not look at them as jews.. but they are jews..


yingerman said...

mookie would you call the neturei karta guys in iran Jews?

daily I am bombarded with jews diong things that make me cringe

Chaim Chusid said...


Cringe is putting it lightly, I just don't get it, how dare they???

To join Iran at a Holocaust-denial convention, it is surreal!

Gay rabbis? I don't get it either.

A rabbi that blatantly transgresses the most basic of rules is the highest form of hypocrisy!

What is this obsession they have with being "Rabbis"?

I can understand the desire to have a Jewish identity, and many non-frum people proudly call themselves Jewish, but "Rabbis"?

What would you call a priest that says that the Trinity is non-sense?

I remain, infuriated

Barbara S. said...

Well, the definition of a Jew is if the mother is Jewish. Period.

What does that have to do with an individual's sexual orientation?

anonym00kie said...

jews can be neturei karta
jews can be gay
jews can be reform/conservative/reconstructionnist..
jews can be secular
jews can do things that make us cringe
jews is anyone who is born of a jewish mother or properly converted.
a jew is a jew because the torah says so. the torah says nothing about gays not being jews or neturie karta or murderers or whatever.. so who are you to decide that?
they may not be practicing judaism.. but theyre jews

Anonymous said...

fucking homophobic

yingerman said...

OK time to reply to all, so here goes

anon the 1st
jewish is biblically means moms a jew
I dont mean a Jew by birth, when I say jew I mean a practicing jew

gay is one the few 'abominations' listed

you are absolutely right but please sometimes act jewish, at least in public and in front of the media

your point is valid, i can't say their not jewish, but rabbi is the hebrew for master. If your gonna mess up on the jewish issues call yourself mufti not rabbi

true jew as per ones mom
please read my reply to anon the 1st and to mookie

anon the 2nd
no i dont have a phobia with gays, other races or type of hat one wears
I dont care what kind of appetite people have, but don't shove a plate of escargo in my face, its not polite

note to all this post is NOT intended to insult or hurt anybody
a rabbi indicates a jewish rabbi a role model,
can somebody who molests children or love jew hates or does something the torah calls an abmination, be called a rabbi/teacher /master?

I have no problem retacting.
Yes they are jews,
but if your gonna call yourself a jew please act like one!

FunkyJew82 said...

great post.
well, you have to also define what "act like a jew" means.
acting like a jew to a frum jew is different than acting like a jew to a conservative jew. a frum person can easily also say "why do conservative jews call themselves jews?"

i do sort of agree with you... i don't think religion needs to be changed to meet everyone's needs. the torah is there... and we can take it or leave it... not tune it up a bit if we don't like it.

Anonymous said...

they are acting as jews - as jews who were never educated in the ways of the torah..
stop being so full of yourself and your ways and your wisdom. be thankful you have the understanding and clarity you do, but dont judge others who arnt as lucky..

Anonymous said...

blah that was me - dumb comments!!


yingerman said...

yes true everybody has a choice

Why are you so riled up?
Tell me, at what age does one become responsible to wipe their own hiney?
I have spent countless hours tutoring baaley tchuva, I have worked with kids and adults teaching them torah or other jewish subjects.
Even one who hit on my wife!
Don't you dare lecture me about judging those jews who "were never educated in the ways of the torah"
Decency is not the exclusive domain of the jew.
BUT if you call yourself JEW act like one!
I will stand by my original statment, those who molest kids, love jew-haters, and prevert the torah, are not decent and should ashamed to call themselves JEW!

hesh said...

One of my friends suggested next that the movement will ordain non-Jewish Rabbis- which wuld probably be better than gay Rabbis. Since at least they arent nec. voilating Torah commandments. How about that Non-Jewish Rabbis- its far fetched but then again 20 years ago Gay Rabbis would have been lynched.