Friday, December 8, 2006

Parshe Questions?

So let me understand this.
Leah davens that her baby and Rachel baby should switch so that Rochel should have 2 boys, no less than the shfachos, whom also had 2 each.
OK, so Dina and Yosef get switched and stuff happens, like the following:
  1. Yosef now from a different mom is the object of hate.
  2. Dina, being a girl, (duh) gets kidnapped and raped, so its Leah's child as opposed to Rochels.
  3. Rochel was scared that if she had no kids, Yakov would divorce her and Eisav would want her, but now due to Leah's t'fila she had Yosef to block her from Eisav's view.

So you guys agree with all that? Weird.


Independent Frum Thinker said...

Definitely interesting.

Sara with NO H said...

Oh come. What's not to agree with? I love these Chumash soap operas.

Anonymous said...

I've always maintained that my chumash is full of very racy stuff.

chaverah said...

you have just proven that the world has always been nuts.

the sabra said...

or you simply do not understand the chumash and its holiness.